Through images that combine drawing and painting, American artist Suzette Marie Martin explores how body language reveals the complexities, vulnerabilities and conflicts of intimate relationships. Figures emerge from the surface in a gestural style influenced by early 20th Century modernism, academic traditions and personal narrative.
“There are deep levels of vulnerability and trust that go beyond sexuality when we choose to sleep together, naked and exposed, stripped of constructed public identities, physical defenses and self-conscious gestures. Even within intimate relationships, the primal need for sleep transforms a shared waking life into a solitary interior experience. My work explores these dynamics through the unguarded body language of sleep and the domestic context of sharing a bed. I use gestures of self-protection or relaxed comfort, touching or avoidance, compositions suggestive of the disheveled restlessness of insomnia or the blissful stillness of deep sleep, and a minimal palette of charcoal and paint to evoke private narratives of a basic human experience.”

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